What do you do when the love of your life dies?

Elizabeth and Charles Widenhammer, A White upper middle class Americans couple who had lived in Phoenix, Arizona and had been married for more than thirty years. They’d raised two grown children – a girl and a boy. And from all accounts, had had a wonderful marriage and family life. That is, until Charles is diagnosed with Testicular Cancer and dies. So, after thirty years of marriage Elizabeth finds herself alone for the very first time

Frank and Julia Davis, a working class African American couple. Both raised in Chicago’s notorious Robert Taylor Projects, were married for thirty-two years. And raised a grown independent daughter with a mind of her own.

During Frank’s bid for election as Chicago’s second African American Mayor, Julia, who has kept Frank’s world as normal as possible under the glaring spotlight of Chicago politics is diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and dies. Frank is left devastated.

Both Frank and Elizabeth are drowning in grief and spiraling down into depression. But a chance meeting in Phoenix, during a rare dust storm, known as a Haboob, leads to a one-night stand that turns into a second chance for love.

But there’s a problem. Long buried family secrets connect these two lovers in ways they never could have imagined. Will Frank and Elizabeth have the courage to overcome family secrets, politics, and racial prejudices, so that they can have a second chance at love?


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